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NERO Chicago is Chicago's premier fantasy live-action role-playing organization. From epic battles to the smallest encounter, there is sure to be something to make your imagination come alive.

Hear ye hear ye! April, Year 1014

It is with the utmost pleasure that I announce this year to be the twentieth anniversary of the first Royal Imperial Games. In honour of this anniversary, I offer a grand challenge to the nobles, citizens and visitors of Valoria, our founding Province. One blight that has persisted in Valoria and directly threatens the tranquility of the capitol, Hadran City, is the threat that lies deep within Talifar's Gorge. Much has been learned of that threat over the years, but there is more that is still unknown. I challenge everyone to eliminate that threat once and for all. Therefore, a base camp has been established outside Talifar's Gorge to be used as a staging area for the elimination of that threat. I call adventurers fresh and seasoned, young and old, local and those hailing from far away, to join the fight to rid our capitol of its final lasting threat once and for all. While scouting missions and preparatory excursions are ongoing, the main assault will commence on Friday, May 23 and continue until the threat is eliminated.

Directly following I will host our anniversary Imperial Games with a few special details, to commemorate the efforts of all. To that effect, I have invited the Archonal households of the all the Provinces to participate, so we may have as many as nine teams vying for the championship this year. Details of the games will follow shortly, but I can disclose at this time that the winning purses will include ancient magical artifacts recovered during the cleansing process in Hadran City.

As most of you know, this is the twentieth year for NERO Chicago, and our Memorial Day event is our anniversary event. I recently did the math, and I believe that this is our 359th event hosted by NERO Chicago. We have a very special event planned. Dan Smith has agreed to put his team together and finish the Talifar's Gorge plotline, one of our oldest and most challenging plotlines in our 20 year history. Please pass the word to old players and new that this event will be one that we all will want to celebrate together. Dozens of staffers and hundreds of players have contributed to the success of NERO in general and NERO Chicago specifically over the past two decades, and this anniversary event will be one for the record books. See you all there!